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About this site

Xwordhelper is what is sounds like, a site totally focused on crossword solving. The first edition was originally started as a hobby project back in in 1999 as the author had no luck in finding a decent crossword solver with an easy-to-use user interface.

Since the first version in 1999 language support has been a priority and the plans for upcoming versions includes Danish, Italian and Norwegian crossword solvers.

A lot of effort has been spent on the experience for the mobile users and the next development will most likely focus on accessibility aspects.

Hopefully you will enjoy the site and have great success in solving crossword puzzles in many languages!

History of crossword puzzles

According to Wikipedia the crossword as we know it was first published in "New York World" by Artur Wynne, a journalist from Liverpool, in 1913.

The largest published crossword according to Guiness world records has 66,666 clues, consists of 244,971 squares and measures 129.61 sqft !


Jan 14:th 2018: The German and Spanish versions are now fully functional.